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Relaxation areas at the Hôtel du Dauphin

A moment of relaxation in L'Aigle in the Orne

"From this fireplace perched high, four centuries contemplate you", undoubtedly less than the pyramids, but already not too bad and the years are not a weight, but a warm cocoon in which it is good to coil up.
Comfortably seated, a glass of amber in hand, end peacefully your evening in search of lost time...

You remember that afternoon when you were reading, a cup of boiling tea on your table, you were on the patio, it was not so long ago. You have already been to the Hôtel du Dauphin.

The Napoleon lounge bar in the Hôtel du Dauphin proposes a selection of whiskies, Calvados and fine liquors selected by our wine butler as well as alcohol free drinks and homemade cocktails.